What Could Possibly Happen In A Month?...

Happy June friends! Can it really be a month since my last post? Can it really be JUNE? Does anyone else feel like March was 3 years ago? Are you one gray hair away from going all Britney Spears on your head? What can seriously happen in 30 days? HA! Not a good question to ask the President, that's for sure! For us, well, we've managed to keep ourselves entertained. Basically, we planned...lots of mental planning! Well, I planned...Bill has been implementing my last set of plans! 😁 And some other stuff, too. I guess I better think back so I can fill y'all in. Are you all settled in, gotta a big drink at hand? Well, here goes...

Spring arrived...but winter didn't want to let go. Like SERIOUSLY, winter did NOT want to leave. There were nights where I worried about our hummingbird guys and even this momma above. I don't know what the hummers do to keep warm, but momma puffed herself up and those babies were cozy warm. Then there were my plants. Okay, so everyone knows I have my camera 99.472% of the time, but the one night I didn't even think to take pictures was the night we dressed our house for Halloween...in May! The second week of May brought in freezing temps at night and we had drop clothes spread out everywhere, 5 gallon buckets over newly planted shrubs or tender perennials...honestly I think we had more yard covered than not! Bill ran the heater back out to the greenhouse AGAIN so the plants wouldn't wilt from the cold. What a mess. Remember that rule of thumb, wait 'till Mother's Day to plant blah blah blah?...Yea, total blah blah blah this year. Like everything else in 2020, it wasn't going to go as planned.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I had a wonderful one and hope you all did, as well. My daughter made her way over for dinner; yes we broke the covid rules, but she hadn't been out, we hadn't been out, so we felt pretty safe. I was greeted by our neighborly baby fox that morning, playing outside of their den they lived in off to the side of my neighbor's front porch. What a treat it was to watch them! That is, until my neighbor figured out 2 weeks later, that they were living there, doing no damage mind you, and then tried to have them trapped and moved! Momma vixen outsmarted them and moved them out via a new hole...💪🏼 Sly fox...☺️ If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this video I posted. It was taken Mother's Day morning!

How many did you count? We counted 5 little ones! And that was just the start to all the nature that came to visit us in May. Before the humidity made its way in, in Kentucky summer fashion I might add, Bill and I got to enjoy some cool evenings on the deck. The days were spent in the company of the dogs since Bill's "essential". The windows had been opened all day and all night and the breezes were wonderful. The mornings were full of birds singing and at one point, I remember lying in bed, deciding if I should get up or not, but since the bathroom was calling, I got up...only to hear this amazing yet unidentifiable song from a bird. I took a peak out the window and there they were! After YEARS of not being able to get these guys to visit my feeders, they decide to show up! I almost peed myself! Like LITERALLY! I had to go to the bathroom so bad, but there was no way I was NOT going to try and get pictures or videos. Unfortunately, the zoom can only zoom so much before the bird goes from looking like a bird to looking like a beaver. So this was the best I could do!

Are those orioles not the most gorgeous? After "relieving" myself, I immediately ran down and found an old glass bowl feeder and filled it with jelly. I even cut a red solo cup to fit around the glass so it would "attract" them! And guess what? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing...I was crushed. I sat outside for hours, no for DAYS trying to get them to visit. I have a couple apps on my phone and you can look up the bird and play their song, so for DAYS I sat outside with the volume at its highest playing and playing. At one point I even used my husband's Bose speakers and bluetoothed the song through the speakers!! My son, in his smart ass demeanor, came to the window one day and said, "Is that YOU making all that noise?" 😂 "I've been sitting in my room wondering what the heck is going on outside, making the same noise over and over?" 😂😂 Well, if he'd had been paying attention, then he'd know I'd been doing it for days😂. I told him I was entertaining the neighbors... Can you just imagine how bad I'd be if I was really into Big Foot? 😂😂😂 I'd be going around the neighborhood banging on trees with some sort of board, howling something odd at 2am....being chased by police...yelling, "It's all okay!! I'm looking for Big Foot!!!" as I try to outrun them...

Then guess what. Exactly one week after my first sighting (of the oriole, not Big Foot), this happened!

He wanted nothing to do with my jelly! He wanted the hummingbird nectar🤦🏻‍♀️ And he's never been back since.

Oddly enough, while outside all those days, I can't begin to tell you how many other birds we actually heard and saw for the very first time. Now, if you know us, you know we can seriously identify all the birds around here, but for 4 days, we were bombed with 5 different birds that we have never seen in our yard...like ever! I think because of all the cold, we got to experience migration at its peak. It was amazing!

And just like that the peonies bloomed! The grass got thicker, the holes we filled with grass seed filled in, and everything started turning green!

And this is the part where I show you all the flowers that bloomed within 30 days!