Mother Nature TRUMPS Covid...

Friends!!! It's a GLORIOUS autumn! Please please please tell me you, wherever you are in the world, are having the most amazing autumn ever! And just to show you how amazing autumn is here in my neck of the woods, I'm about to BOMB this blog post with autumn confetti, aka pictures of my yard and neighborhood as I drive carelessly through the streets risking my life to capture that perfect shot to share with YOU...because it was YOU I was thinking about while putting my phone in my right hand (I'm right handed!) using my thumb to "snap" the shot, all while steering with my left hand (again, I'm right handed), making sure no one was behind me, and praying for anyone coming at me, ignoring any street line because those lines are for serious drivers, not picture takers!

And YES, I saw the lady walking the dog!!! Bet you were looking at the trees and didn't see her!

Honestly, I'm not one for exercise, but with this weather and this scenery, you can't help but want to get out there and at least sit under one of these magnificent beauties.

And this is where we have been sitting every Friday and Saturday night since the third week of September⤵️! Sometimes it's just me and Bill and sometimes our daughter and her boyfriend join us. It's heaven...sun setting earlier, temps dropping, marshmallows and skewers on a tray ready to get blackened (I LOVE them nice and toasty and a little charbroiled 🤗), and hickory smoke filling the air while leaves and walnuts fall, scaring us and THE DOGS!

Yea, I'm that mom, bringing them a nice blanket to pop a squat on! Actually, it's been a good year since we had a bonfire so they didn't quite understand the idea of relaxing and what the fire was for. After a couple nights, they "adapted" to us trying to relax. Doesn't help when an opossum decides to show up! Just amazing a dog's sense of smell, sight, and hearing is. I will say, I don't feel unsafe with them around. They're sweethearts...yet very protective of their home and yard.

So, being October, a Covid kind of year, and the start of the last three months of the year, our family decided we NEEDED to get away! And what does this family do when in need of an October getaway? Off to amish country Ohio we go!!! And evidently, EVERYONE ELSE needed a getaway! I had a heck of a time finding a place for 7 of us to stay, but I was able to reserve two rooms at a great little place we've stayed before. It was a first for both my daughter's boyfriend and my son's girlfriend, sadly our youngest couldn't join us...but we made sure she got all her goodies. The trip did NOT disappoint in beauty, weather, and shopping. Just driving there was refreshing! Especially when this Miss Daisy🙋🏻‍♀️ has the cutest hard working chauffeur ever❤️

He thought I was taking pictures of trees...well I was, but this one was intentional❤️ The trees were just beautiful, the temperature just perfect. And when we finally reached Amish territory, we were greeted with this ⤵️

A rainbow of laundry, probably hanging there close to 8 hours already because they're up so early doing all their daily chores.

And of course you have to be ever so careful of hills! You never know if there is a buggy, a bicyclist, or just you average amish mom with a stroller in the road! Scary if you're not cautious!

And because we were arriving during school hours, we got to see a little "recess" action at the amish ball park! Sometimes I look at these pictures and forget the year is 2020. Girls running in's like a scene out of Little House on the Prairie, you know? Get up early, do some laundry, mop the floors, milk the cows, feed the horses and other livestock, get breakfast/lunch/and dinner ready, head to school, play a little ball, go home to tend to the garden, get dinner ready, say prayers, off to bed. It's a simple lifestyle, yet FULL of hard work.

But don't think they're not competitive. Every October we've visited, we found a little town that hosts a volleyball tournament for the amish teenagers. They come from all OVER the county and surrounding counties. And they take this game like UConn and Ohio State are there scouting future players! It's intense and very crowded. But here's the's not all! And there's my family of 6, LOUD AS A SUPER BOWL PARTY! As if not being PLAIN (as they are referred to) doesn't make us stand out enough, throw in the fact that we belly laugh at everything and talk like we all need hearing aids. Pretty obvious we were there🤦🏻‍♀️ I have to laugh because there was actually a moment where we weren't the loudest...brief moment. My daughter and I went into a pizza shop to get some pizza to go, and of course we are the only ones NOT amish. The rest of my family were outside sitting at a picnic bench somewhat near the street yet right by the pizza shop. While standing there waiting for our order, I/we hear this high pitched whistle- like sound that started off quiet(ish) then got super loud then KA-BAM! THIS LOUD EXPLOSION HAPPENED! The entire pizza shop got quiet...because evidently it wasn't quiet enough lol, everyone looks out the nearest window and then literally they all turned and LOOK AT ME AND MY DAUGHTER! So, my heart is freaking out and I start yelling, "WHAT WAS THAT? WAS THAT A CAR ACCIDENT? OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?" and honestly, I was starting to panic because all I could think was 'my family is out there!' Then my daughter says, "mom, it's okay, it was a jet engine... On a buggy..." Yes, that's was a jet engine on a buggy.😳 Evidently those rebel amish kids like to play around with jet engines and in doing so, caused a controlled explosion right in front of my family. It was a FIRST for me...but one older amish gentleman just shook his head when my daughter said it because obviously this isn't anything new to the area...just to ME! I just found it funny they didn't mind me yelling at them asking them what it was, and yet, they looked at me like I spoke a foreign language🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm seriously curious to know if they EVER raise their voices or if they ever panic, because I about lost my $h*t!

See all those people?.⤴️ I was literally the loudest person there...🤦🏻‍♀️ and I was just talking!

The following day we did a bunch of food shopping. It's the reason we travel four hours to visit this area. Interesting fact: stores run and/or owned by the amish had signs on their doors stating the employees weren't made to wear masks...basically, your call. If you want to go in, that's your choice. By the looks of all the food we bought, it's pretty obvious what our choice was.

One thing I found amusing was no matter how old you are, the petting/feeding zoo is always a hit😂 My daughter was the youngest there and she's 25. She all but begged to go in and feed the animals. Next thing you know, I'm asking my husband for $3 so I can go in and another $2 for food to feed them!