Hazmat Dreams...

Okay, I'm not going to lie...I'm a homebody. Everything I want to surround myself with is right here. Except one thing...

GARAGE SALES! It's the first day of May and I am totally missing my favorite thing in the world to do! I feel like before long it's going to be considered a "favorite past time" event! 😩 The 'rona needs to go away! To be honest, I don't mind going to garage sales in a hazmat suit if there are any sales. I'm all about making sure everyone stays healthy and following the rules, don't get me wrong, but we are living in a century of creativity and going to garages sales in a hazmat suit sounds creative, safe, and economical for everyone. Just trying to keep our economy strong, shop local 💪🏼, support small businesses...all that stuff! FYI, there are no sales going on...this is just me dreaming.

I know most people are dyeing (like the pun?) to get to their hairdresser when salons start opening their doors again, but not this girl. I don't care if I'm one flip flop away from looking homeless, I am heading out to garage sales! You KNOW there are going to be some incredible deals now that everyone has totally redone, rehabbed, re-decorated their homes with their government stimulus money.😂 I was telling Bill when this is all said and done, America is going to look like the cover of a Better Homes and Garden magazine! I feel like I should start a magazine titled, The Quarantine Project and highlight all the updates from across the country! 🤔

On a side note, I could use this time to exercise like a lot of people, but I've decided to think outside the box, think differently than others 😂. However, I am proud to say that we have stayed true to the diet we started back in January. Yes, I've complained about it since February! What I've found is, we have all the food necessary to stay on the diet, but if and when I don't want that food, and since I can't eat the food I really want, I just don't eat. Next thing you know, the day has gone by and it's dinner time. I figure the weight has to eventually come off...

So, have you been following guidelines? Staying home or 6 feet away from others when out? It's funny, but my life, outside of worrying someone in my family will get sick, hasn't really changed much. With the weather being so nice and spring like, I've been in my greenhouse a lot, replanting seedlings, watering plants, dreaming. Oh, and we have a new (new to us) grill! Quick story on the grill. One night last fall, Bill grilled me, my son, and himself another delicious meal. While sitting inside at the dinner table, our son (let's just refer to him as 'smart ass') calmly states, "Do you guys know the grill's on fire?"😳 He could seriously not have been any more nonchalant about it. We both look over expecting to see some smoke but instead there are flames shooting from the rear of the grill...which happens to be on our deck, under a bartlett pear tree, next to the wooden railing. I freak out! Bill however, calmly gets up, gets the hose (we fortunately have one on our deck for my flowers) and turns on the water while all these thoughts run through my panicked driven head! I mean, are you suppose to use water? It's grease! I didn't think you're suppose to use water! Will it blow up? The propane tank is right there! Oh my God, it's going to blow, he's going to die, the house will catch on fire, what will the papers read, how will the news report this...dang I need to get away from this window...😂 So yea, that was the end of the grill. With the 'rona happening, we haven't been able to shop for a new one. Then last week, my daughter unexpectedly came over. She called and said, "come outside for a second". I looked outside and saw a black truck. My son, who has a black truck, had left a while ago to "go fishing. So I thought, 'did she get a new truck?' When I went outside, my son was in the back of HIS truck unloading a grill! I had made mention to her that I was about to break down and buy this cheapy grill online when she unknowingly went on Facebook Marketplace and found a slightly used not even a year old HUGE grill for dirt cheap. Using proper distancing guidelines, she and my son picked it up and brought it home to surprise us. And let's just say it's been a dream. I never knew how much I'd miss a grill until this season came. I don't grill, that's Bill's territory. And that's one less meal for me to cook. 😉

And speaking of grill, anyone else like to have dinner (or breakfast or lunch) outside? I love eating outside. There's always something to listen to if you're not deep into conversation. Lately it's been chainsaws.🤦🏻‍♀️ Seriously, I'm not sure if people are just now realizing their trees are dead now that they are home or what, but every day there is a chainsaw going somewhere. Then of course there are the lawn mowers, weed eaters, blowers, and woodpeckers. Have you ever heard woodpeckers scream to each other? It's loud. And we have every type of wood pecker imaginable visit our feeders. Bill's favorite, the red headed woodpecker, made his appearance earlier this week. It's funny because they only show up during breeding season. Guess we offer the best food for their family!

Wednesday I heard the ever so loud pileated (think Woody Woodpecker) and went on the deck to see if I could get a video, but he ended up flying by me like a missile. Yea, no video🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh, but look who's back in town!!!

I am so happy to see this young man. He so pretty and the neck is stunning! Pretty soon the ladies will be here, building their nests and raising their young, and fighting with the male for nectar. Around here our hummers are NOT the sharing type. They are very aggressive and I might add RUDE to each other. I've had plenty of feeders out, but the secret is to put one in the front yard and one in the back as they can only watch one area at a time. 🥴

As for my gardening world, I could go on and on about that! All my dahlias are in buckets and some have sprouted. It's a slow process, but I check all the time. I have to tell you though, I killed my basil. Actually, the cold killed my basil and only killed part of it. We had a cold spell earlier this month and I 'assumed' the greenhouse would be warm enough. Bad bad assumption. Like real bad. My heart was broken when I went out the next morning and found one of my containers of beautifully growing basil was dead and 1/2 of the remaining one was dead. I have three containers of cosmos that could have easily been divided into 9 separate plants...not anymore. I will now have a total of three separate plants. Some of my zinnias were almost done for, but I was able to save them and my tithonias were all but shot as well. Bill ran an extension cord out to the greenhouse where we plugged in a little space heater. Of course I was worried about it catching on fire, etc., (thinking about that grill again lol) but he assured me it was all safe. And he was right. It worked wonderfully and the plants are growing prolifically. I moved my cilantro out of the greenhouse because it loves the cool weather and you should see how amazing it looks. I do believe I won't have to buy cilantro at the store for a while!

Oh and I want to mention...while scrolling on Instagram, I found this wonderful lady who's goal is to show everyone how easy it is to have a kitchen garden. During WWI & WWII, kitchen gardens were known as victory gardens, designed to supply extra food to their rations AND also considered morale boosters! It helped people feel like they were contributing to the war efforts, providing more food. There's really been no time like the present to create a kitchen garden and for many reasons. If you have instagram, please do yourself a favor and look her up @gardenaryco or @rootedgarden, they're both hers. The photos are beautiful and the inspiration is amazing. I just pre-ordered her new book due to be released May 5th and I'm kind of crushed we didn't plant vegetables this year. However, I'm a 'think ahead' kind of person so guess what's happening NEXT YEAR?!?! Vegetables....and roses!😜 I can see Bill's face right now since he doesn't know until he reads this😳😘 I'm still working on my mental plans for both so I've got some time!

And speaking of Bill, you should see the amazing work he's done to the north facing side of our house, the one with the big fountain. He's dug out all the patchy grass (look at the picture above. See all those Iris along the fence? See the grass in front of it? ALL GONE NOW!), planted some plants that I was able to order online (Home Depot offers free delivery if you spend more than $45!) mulched, and got on his hands and knees and planted 300 individual vinca vines on the side of the house! We were short a few so I had to order 100 more😔. It looks amazing! I also ordered some new ground cover we've never grown before and that should be in the middle of May. That's being planted around the bottom of the fountain. When the whole project is finished I'll show you the before and after! I'm so excited for the new look!

Other than all that, we're just taking in all of Spring. We've been able to watch Mrs. Robin raise her babies, watch pregnant deer stroll through the yard, hear fox screaming at night (their pups are born!), see migrating birds fly in for a quick visit, find perennials pop up out of the ground, see little baby bartlett pears start to develop, watch chipmunks zoom across our driveway, freak out at baby snakes basking on warm rocks🥴 (I hate snakes) and not one animal is practicing social distancing.

One last note! You may have noticed I added a new tab on the top of my homepage. It's a video tab! I decided to include my instructional videos (and maybe some "adventure" videos) there. My newest video is a quick tutorial to extend the vase life of your freshly cut lilac blooms! Feel free to check it out!💜

Hope you continue to make the most of the quarantine as we have. Stay healthy, feel happy, be thankful. 💚

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