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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

"When I was a child my mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier, you'll be a general. If you become a monk, you'll be the Pope.' Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso."...Pablo Picasso

july calendar

And I am Anarita...Daughter, sister, granddaughter, WIFE, mother, aunt, dog mom, chef, crafter, hair stylist, friend and pen friend, angel believer, camera phone photographer, queen of our castle cottage, and blogger. I could keep going with the list, as most of you could as well, but in short, you get the picture. I'm just a queen trying to find her place and make her mark on the world. I don't have one special skill that stands out over anything else and I'm okay with that. Although I have to admit I ROCK when it comes to coloring 👩🏻‍🎨 with crayons!

I will say, it has taken me a long time to become comfortable in my shoes of many colors. Being a daughter was difficult because I never wanted to "disappoint". Being a wife was terrifying in the beginning because I dreamt of the fairytale "happily ever after ending" and who knows how long ever after really is? Being a mom, well, I don't think I need to explain that! Everything I listed above has come with some type of fear. It's strange how much of our life is based on decision making and how much of that decision making is made from fear. From small things to big life changing situations...

But, I read something one day and it for the life of me I have no idea where I read it, but it stuck with me which is rare because 90% of the time when I'm reading something I'm normally distracted so the words just remain words instead of thoughts. "You were given one chance to live this life, how are you going to do it?" I pondered those words, and I pondered hard. It was then that I truly didn't care what other people thought about me or my decisions. I knew that my decisions were always made thinking about my family first. Then, it became apparent that other than them, it was all me. Now I find myself saying, 'hey, how do you want to live your one shot at life?' when making decisions. ( and that includes dessert!!)

Graeter's ice cream

In 2016, I was driving down US 42 (our local main road) and started thinking about my future. Kind of weird having that thought at 46 years old since I'm always talking to the kids about their own future, but I thought, my son is in the Air Force and has a great start to his future, my daughter just got her cosmetology license and on her way with her future, and our youngest daughter was in the Navy with a great start to her future. My husband had his career, but what about me. I became the Jack of All, Master of None. So many things I was capable of doing, but nothing that set me apart or something I could say I achieved. So, with a supportive nudge, I found myself enrolling in cosmetology school. One year later, at the age of 47, I graduated and got my license.

It was at that point that I felt like nothing is worth waiting for. A few months after getting my cosmetology license I started my blog...using my real name. There was NO hiding if I should fail😬. I worked doing hair and nails at a salon, setting my own schedule per say, and then in 2018 I opened my own little salon. It was a short lived business (22 days to be exact 😂), but that's a whole other Oprah. Point being, I did the work, took the risk and opened shop! I have one chance to live this life! It's little things, too. I love French Country, cottages, pretty home decor, etc. so I changed the whole house...literally! Early this year I decided I wanted a cut flower garden and moved forward with it by buying the flowers I wanted to cut this summer. (And I am so overjoyed with the outcome!) However, I have yet to lose the major weight...🤦🏻‍♀️ (Choose your battles...another mantra!)

cut flowers from the garden

And our family decided to start a new summer tradition! Forget Christmas gifts, let's travel. Vacation plans were made impromptu style one day with money from a small savings. One of my biggest dreams is to travel...and travel...and travel so I have one shot at this life to do it, and I have to start somewhere! Soooo, let's go on vacation!

fountain with impatiens

In all honesty, it doesn't matter your age, I just wish I was younger when those words sunk in. Regardless, I'm so much more happier and "freer" with those words being my mantra. I've been able to express myself the way I want to without thoughts of embarrassment. The negativity has become non-existent because I'm not looking for approval. I've been able to make decisions based upon those words instead of based on "what ifs". I've also been able to look at other people's lives, especially our kids, and encourage them to DO some of the things they talk about doing, or wearing, or experiencing. It's an amazing feeling.

And because of those words, today I celebrate my blog's birthday. I am Anarita turns TWO YEARS OLD today. What a fun filled adventure it has been. I have followers still reading since the very first blog post (not counting the greatest husband ever), and I have new followers sharing the same passions in life that I have. I love sharing stories, recipes, pictures of our home and garden, experiences and garages sale adventures. Your emails and comments have been so incredibly wonderful, supportive, and fun. From the bottom of my heart, I, Anarita, thank you! Now, I have a question for have one shot at this are you living it?

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