The Darling Dahlias...

It's Friday! Best F word to Food, Family, Festive, and more Food! I just wanted to jump on to share some pics of one of my favorite flowers. I've always wanted to grow Dahlias, but I'm just not one to do "tubers". We live in a zone where the temps drop well below freezing and most tubers don't survive those temps. So needless to say, in this area it's required to dig them up and store them over the winter if you want to see them again next year. Fortunately for me, and for THE WORLD, there's Pinterest! Thanks to Pinterest, I was introduced to a WONDERFUL gardener who sent me some videos on how to dig them up! And for some weird reason, I'm kind of excited to do just that. This year we bought a couple little Dahlias just to see how they'd fit in with the rest of the yard and we were amazed! As most of you know, we had the ugliest summer ever (I say ugly because I hate humidity) and we planted these guys at the foot of our front door steps in the blazing hot west facing sun. They bloomed in wonderful fashion and today, October 19, they were still blooming. I decided to cut what was left because the overnight temps have really hit LOW and I just wanted to hold on to their gorgeousness just a little longer. Now I just have to wait for the frost to kill the green and I can dig them up. The upside is, they should have multiplied underground! So hopefully I will have not just one original tuber, but SEVERAL that we can store and replant next year!


Look at this little mini bouquet! I threw in a couple sprigs of oregano that has taken on the beautiful fall color. And my little creamer pitcher is the perfect "vase" for all of it. I told Bill that next year I think I want to pass on the vegetable garden and grow a "cut flower" garden. Can you just imagine having all the pretty flowers you want right outside your front door to cut as you please? Bliss... By the way, if any of you grow Dahlias or Ranunculus, send any extras my way!!! Here I am talking about next year's garden and it's not even Halloween yet. OHHHH but the weather is here to remind us we have two seasons to get through first.

dahlia up close

And speaking of Halloween, I was just walking around the house this morning thinking 12 more days left before the Halloween decor comes down and then I start debating when to take down all the autumn decor and put up the Christmas decor!

It kind of makes me upset because I feel like Mother Nature as ripped us off of the autumn season and is taking us straight into the HO HO Holidays. Which means I have to attempt to TRY and draw some Christmas design on the window frame⤴️ and we all know I can't draw squat! And all the fall flowers will have to be changed out to something different...

But, I am looking forward to many fires and snuggling up watching some Hallmark Christmas shows or maybe watching my favorite Christmas shows (The Family Stone or The Christmas Story) to the point my family wants to break the DVD player...

Anyway, you all have a wonderful weekend. We will probably be doing the final cleanup of the yard, getting it ready for winter~ I know our fireplace is all ready!!!


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