May's Finale...

Hello friends and happy HUMID Tuesday to everyone! If you haven't done so already, go grab a nice cold very tall glass of something and get plenty of ice. This is gonna be a long one! And if your weather is anything like ours then you'll understand the reason for a tall glass of something. Here's a little pic I took the other day of the humidity that had accumulated as the sun was coming up...

Thick and gross...hence why I loathe summer... Look at all the humidity on the glassware on my potting bench~

But...before we talk home and garden, we HAVE to talk wedding! Did you watch it? If not, have you seen the million and five re-runs, photos, or social network postings? Yes, I was up! I set my alarm and ran down to the kitchen to get my Royal Breakfast! Put these little delicacies on my cute little tray next to the biggest glass mug I could find for my orange juice!

Then I quietly made my way back up to our bedroom (our son was home and still sleeping), but Bill and the puppy were wide awake so they joined me as we watched the procession to the church. Let's just say Bill was present, but he had ear phones in as he was watching something else on his phone... Of course he had to stop and ask me what I was doing when he saw me with my camera phone aimed at the television. I was doing this!⤵️

It was about this time that I was getting pretty pumped! Robin Roberts turned back around and started tearing up which had me all excited because as she mentioned, just being there was the real excitement! I know the pic is blurry, but look at the sun shining! What a beatiful day for a wedding! I on the other hand, would have been elated just to ride in that Rolls! I tell ya, those Royals have some classy cars!

So, there I was, in bed enjoying the procession and breathing in the excitement of the commentators. I didn't really get to eat or drink anything quite yet because I just kept taking pictures!

I have to admit, the Queen was looking pretty good! Is it just me or does she seem to actually look better at this age than she has in the past 20 years or so? And good ole Phil hobbling behind her lol. He did very well considering he just had hip surgery and was walking with no assistance. But I have to say, this made me sad ⤵️. Are you telling me that there was seriously NOT ONE PERSON Meghan and/or her mom could have invited (even last minute!) to sit with this lady? It tore my heart up that she had to sit alone through this event. Crap they could have pulled up Oprah for that matter! Old Stedman could have sat in the middle or something! But this was a bit crushing if you ask me.

Thank God for kids! They break the ice for everything and behavior is contagious; so when one kid starts something, all 90 will follow 😂. No one has time to be Royal when kids are involved!

But in my honest opinion, the absolute BEST part of the wedding was this! And I was so incredibly happy I actually got a picture of it! This kid right here!⤵️

He cracked me up with his excitement! First, that long hair then his uncontrolled expression of awe! And to top it off, I personally never saw two kids take so much pride and seriousness in the job they were in charge of. These two little guys were perfect for helping the bride! I don't think there's a bridesmaid out there that would disagree!

Now, inside the church I'm sure you could really feel the anxiousness. Two princes trying to look calm yet still looking quite dapper in their uniforms.

Then it was time! I was so excited to see Prince Charles walk Meghan down the aisle and see Harry's reaction as she approached him! Oooo the nervousness was mounting!

Here she comes, here she comes and...

There goes my television! I KID YOU NOT my television lost its satellite signal and froze...right at the beginning of the procession...Oh my God I cried and cussed and yelled and cussed louder. I was furious and upset and didn't want to spill my orange juice! I even thought to myself earlier that I should probably have my phone ready to stream it live in case there is some glitch or something, but who wants to listen to their inner self at 6:45 in the morning? So I grabbed my phone, found the app for my cable/satellite network and signed in. When it finally started streaming, Meghan was already next to Harry at the altar...and it was everything I had to keep from throwing my phone at the television! No sooner than that happened, my television unfroze and life was back to normal...But I was beyond livid!

And then they kissed and lived happily ever after...

Lol, I have to admit, the wedding ceremony was NOT what I was hoping for or for that matter, expected. I honestly didn't feel it was of "Royal" expectancy and outside of the cars and those in attendance, I really felt like it was just another wedding with some fancy hats and tuxedos. It was unfair of me to think it would be like Will and Kate's, but I guess I was hoping. Regardless, they had a beautiful day, they both looked stunning, and she got to ride in some dreamy transportation. Best wishes for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

After the wedding, it was time to get busy around the house and yard! Reality was back and I was no longer a Royal Guest.

So much has happened since my last post, like A LOT! As you can see, I was finally able to get my little herb seedlings put into some pots. I even got to plant several pots of impatience and some marigolds I had left over from the garden. Some pots (not pictured)I even added a sunflower to in hopes of adding some height. As much as I hate the humidity, the plants and the vegetable garden are loving it. And so is the grass! Bill is out there, I swear every other day mowing! But, this is the man who loves to be outside.

Not sure if you recall, but I mentioned in a previous post that Bill had taken on an outdoor project that I'm sure he wanted to kill me for. Between him working his REAL job, coming home and making my Pinterest inspirations a reality, then me adding more projects that don't necessarily need to be done, but I want done, the man has been exhausted! And, after finishing this one, he MORE than deserved a break. Let's just say I-AM-IN-LOVE with this! As most of you know, I ADORE cottage gardens~English, French, etc. etc. I'm not picky. And I just thought this 'little' added element would be perfect. If only it was little lol.

So, here's the start. In this picture you can see the beginning of the project. I took this picture because of all the blooming Iris and Columbine, but you can see the project underway.

But see the fountain? We had it there last year and I love having it there. When you come around the side of the house, we have an arch that is the entrance to the back yard and we placed this fountain further back. It has a beautiful sound and is just the perfect element to look at through an archway. I was explaining to Bill how I thought it would be so pretty to have a pathway from the arch to the fountain since there is just grass there...and this is what he gave me!!

Again, I-Am-IN-LOVE!!!💕 To the right side of the arch we decided to put in some boxwoods to blend the landscaping with the grass and we haven't done it yet, but we are going to add some stepping stones in the gravel! Oh but he didn't stop there! I mentioned a light, for the evening, and BOOM...

THE MAN IS GOOD! LOL, he did a phenomenal job and I can't stop looking at it or taking pictures! Here is another one, a side view from the patio in the back.

The foxglove I started from seed last year all came up again this year and I think they approve of the landscaping! That's it for the outside projects (fingers crossed🤞🏼) I think, so...back to the indoors we go! But before we do, I just want to share all the flowers in our yard that have bloomed and wanted their picture taken!

My garden journal will be packed this year with so many pictures! Including this one of Carmen! She's our resident turtle we get the privilege of seeing every year. At least I think it's her lol.

So, remember I said I was going to start a paint project? The item I bought was this...

Well, while Bill was outside working on his project, I was inside working on this one, along with painting the living room and dining room. I finished both of the rooms and wanted to show you the finished sideboard! If you have a keen eye, you would have seen it in the picture of the pitcher with flowers that I 'tried' to put together to celebrate the Royal Wedding. The sideboard was directly behind it in the newly painted dining room. But before I show you the new room, here is a before picture.

I truly loved the brown walls and the cozy warm feeling, but after years (and I mean years) of warm dark paint, it was time to change things up a bit...and here is the brighter room!

I will say, the sideboard came out blue-er than I thought it would considering the color purchased is called Sea Pine. In the same room and in the same light, the swatch was not as blue, but it's grown on me and I really like it. I especially like my rooster handles that were originally red. We did have to change the wall sconces as well because if you notice, the older ones had a "warm" toned sconce shade and it really made the room look bad when you turned on the sconces. Most of the decor has had to go as well which doesn't make me too happy, nor Bill! So my weekends have been busy scouring garage sales trying to find all the charming decor I need to fill the voids. I'm just packing up everything and hoping I'll be able to have another sale or something at the end of summer! Oh, and speaking of garage sales, I noticed an advertisement on Facebook a few weeks ago about a Vintage Market that was coming the last weekend of May to Lexington, which is about a 45 minute drive from our house. It happened to be this past weekend so early Friday morning I decided, after making sure the puppy's lunch would be taken care of, that I would drive down and check it out. I made sure to mentally tell myself how much money I would spend as well as how much time I would take. One must do that in order to maintain a happy marriage! So off I went and guess what...I LOVED IT! I could have spent sooooo much more money, but in the end I felt I made wise decisions, thinking to myself, "Self, can you make that item? Is this a good deal? Will it go with the feel of the house, enhance what you're going for? Do you care??" I walked around the arena (yes, this was an indoor horse arena) twice just in case I missed something, knowing full well I didn't. It gave me the opportunity to really debate over my buys and stay within my spending limits. And this is what I came home with...not a lot, nothing fancy, but just what I really wanted to walk away with and still feel good.

Doesn't look like much, but I was so incredibly excited to find these items and get to use them. I would show you a picture, but that's for next time! I'm still working on the room lol.

And on that note, I wanted to let you know that I am having ANOTHER Give-A-Way! And I'm extremely excited because I really like this! I found it at a yard sale and thought it to be the perfect time of year for this. AND, we all know how much I LOVE Yankee Candles! Here it is!

Seriously, isn't this too cute! It's a Yankee Candle plate and candle topper with gardening designs and bumble bees all over it! I put a candle it in and took a couple of pictures so you can see its full design!

Sorry, the candle does NOT come with it, but if you're like me, you have several already! So how does one get registered to win this? All you need to do is subscribe to this blog! That's it! And, if you follow me on Instagram, you get a second entry. But, just to repeat myself, winner has to be a blog subscriber. The contest ends Sunday at noon and winner will be notified via email Sunday evening and published in my future blog. Just like Susan B. from Cape Cod who won the Marilyn Monroe purse. And by the way, I can't tell you how many people asked me if Susan B. from Cape Cod was Susan Branch 😂. No, Susan Branch is on Martha's Vineyard and Susan B. is from Cape Cod was randomly chosen by an online random name tool. Completely and totally fair! So, if you're subscribed, you're in; if you want another entry, follow me on Instagram here!

By now your tall glass of something should be empty and you probably need to excuse yourself so I will let you go! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead celebrating the finale of May! So long May humidity and hello June bugs and humidity!

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