May's Finale...

Hello friends and happy HUMID Tuesday to everyone! If you haven't done so already, go grab a nice cold very tall glass of something and get plenty of ice. This is gonna be a long one! And if your weather is anything like ours then you'll understand the reason for a tall glass of something. Here's a little pic I took the other day of the humidity that had accumulated as the sun was coming up...

lantern and humidity

Thick and gross...hence why I loathe summer... Look at all the humidity on the glassware on my potting bench~

potting bench

But...before we talk home and garden, we HAVE to talk wedding! Did you watch it? If not, have you seen the million and five re-runs, photos, or social network postings? Yes, I was up! I set my alarm and ran down to the kitchen to get my Royal Breakfast! Put these little delicacies on my cute little tray next to the biggest glass mug I could find for my orange juice!

entenmanns donuts and orange juice

Then I quietly made my way back up to our bedroom (our son was home and still sleeping), but Bill and the puppy were wide awake so they joined me as we watched the procession to the church. Let's just say Bill was present, but he had ear phones in as he was watching something else on his phone... Of course he had to stop and ask me what I was doing when he saw me with my camera phone aimed at the television. I was doing this!⤵️

Robin Roberts and the royal wedding

It was about this time that I was getting pretty pumped! Robin Roberts turned back around and started tearing up which had me all excited because as she mentioned, just being there was the real excitement! I know the pic is blurry, but look at the sun shining! What a beatiful day for a wedding! I on the other hand, would have been elated just to ride in that Rolls! I tell ya, those Royals have some classy cars!

So, there I was, in bed enjoying the procession and breathing in the excitement of the commentators. I didn't really get to eat or drink anything quite yet because I just kept taking pictures!

Queen Elizabeth and Phillip

I have to admit, the Queen was looking pretty good! Is it just me or does she seem to actually look better at this age than she has in the past 20 years or so? And good ole Phil hobbling behind her lol. He did very well considering he just had hip surgery and was walking with no assistance. But I have to say, this made me sad ⤵️. Are you telling me that there was seriously NOT ONE PERSON Meghan and/or her mom could have invited (even last minute!) to sit with this lady? It tore my heart up that she had to sit alone through this event. Crap they could have pulled up Oprah for that matter! Old Stedman could have sat in the middle or something! But this was a bit crushing if you ask me.

Thank God for kids! They break the ice for everything and behavior is contagious; so when one kid starts something, all 90 will follow 😂. No one has time to be Royal when kids are involved!

wedding kids