If The Conditions Are Right...

It snowed...again...last night while I was sleeping...completely unexpected. But, here's the kicker, it only snowed in this thin strip of area and it was like something out of the television series Once Upon A Time. In the series, there is a little town called Storybrooke and when you cross over the town line you are taken into a different time period. That's what it was like this morning. You wake up, drive around the area and there's snow everywhere...except there really isn't. It was so weird. Schools were closed in the area except some people just 10 minutes from here didn't know why; they woke up and everything looked normal. We wake up and our street is covered with a couple inches of snow. Evidently, the handy dandy weatherman didn't even know how to explain it. One says we are having "lake effect snow" from Lake Michigan....then another one says it's the "smoke stack" effect. Now that's a new one! Is that even real!? Evidently, being so close to the state of Indiana, they have smoke stacks from a power plant close by and they have created extra "moisture" which with our cold temps, helped to create snow...hmmmm So, my question is, is it really snow OR is it frozen chemicals??? More importantly, those stacks have been there for quite some time so why haven't I ever heard of this? Now, lake effect snow I have heard, but we are a seven and a half hour drive south of Lake Michigan. I would think that if we were to get lake effect snow, it would have shown on the million dollar Doppler system every news station brags about and everyone would have had at least an idea of the chance of snow... Let's face it, no amount of money will ever predict the correct weather. I, however, would LOVE to be able to report the weather. I would be the world's most honest weather lady. At least I would have been on television this morning looking at the camera saying, "hey, look at that! Union/Richwood area woke up to snow and now kids are off school! Bet ya didn't see THAT coming! Me EITHER! I wonder if anyone else got snow!" But to come up with these theories like smoke stacks? I remember about 19 years ago or so we had a seasonal spring storm and the winds got so bad that neighbors' yard chairs were blowing down the street. Bill even yelled for me to get in the basement because he was convinced a tornado was on us. Nope, no tornado. Just something new (for us) they called a "micro or macro burst" wind... Then they like to throw in the next sentence..."it's rare, but if the conditions are right..." Well, evidently wherever I go, conditions are always right for that "rare atrocity".

orchid finally bloomed

Regardless of the weather, today I was able to meet up with a friend for lunch. I haven't seen her since last May and it was so fun to sit down for a couple of hours and just talk and laugh. She's a "pick up where you left off" friend. Never an odd silence, always have something fun or juicy to talk about. She's a newly licensed real estate agent and lives on an 80 acre farm. Once she started talking about her home/land, my mind just started to wonder. She has a chicken coop and a rooster....I want a chicken coop and a rooster. She has a very nice size vegetable garden...I want a very nice size vegetable garden. She has peace and privacy...I LONGGGG for peace and privacy. And then there are the BUTs. But I'd have a long drive to meet for lunch in this part of town. But I won't have the huge grocery store a mile away that I love because food is my life and I love the grocery store. But what if we needed GOOD emergency care...and the biggest BUT, I wouldn't have the house I have right now...and I love our home.

birds at our feeders and deer resting in the sun

I don't know how many times Bill and I have said we wish we could pick up our house and move. A big part of moving is separating yourself from the one place that created so many memories. Plus I feel like we've learned all the little nooks and crannies of the house, the sounds that it makes when it's settling in for the night, the distinct tone that's made when you're in bed and the garage door goes up, and the smell. Every house has its own smell. Ironically, you probably don't even know what your house smells like, but when you enter someone else's home, you instantly smell their house. For me, it's the 'feel'. I love the feel of our home. It doesn't matter what door I walk in-front door, back door, the inside garage door...it's like as soon as I walk in, the house gives me a warm hug.

Valentine heart lit up at night

And I KNOW my house is made of brick and has no brain or human characteristics, but did you ever decorate a room, for instance, a dining room, you painted it a daring color, you dusted/polished the furniture and moved it slightly angled then the norm, hung pictures, found the perfect curtains or valances that let the light through just a certain way, found that perfect LAMP (at a garage sale!) to place in a corner so at night it gives just enough warmth and glow, add a clock for that little bit of noise that signifies life in the room and then every so often, you round the corner and get a glimpse of the room and it's almost like the room is human. It has a personality and it's so happy and perfect you would think it's showing off? That's what my home feels like to me. I will come around the corner, catch a glimpse of our family room with the blankets on the ottomans all nice and folded, the pillows on the couch stacked invitingly, the sun dappling in the front window and I'm like, "dang, you look good today" lol. I just feel like my home gives me its happy vibe.

kissing door knocker

I do believe in the saying a house is just a house until you make it a home and as much as I want all those wonderful amenities that acreage could provide, I am just in love with the house we stumbled upon 9 years ago that was begging for someone to let it show off. But...(and there's always a but!)...one never knows, the "conditions may be right"... I mean, I do know a realtor lol.

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! Just a thought...what DOES your house smell like? 🤔

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